Using constellation work in supervision 2024

Monday 13th May & Tuesday 14th May 2024

Cost: £150 per day

Venue: CCPE, 2 Warwick Crescent, London W2 6NE

Timings: 10am - 5pm

You can sign up for one or both days and return to do day 2 if you've attended day 1 previously.

Day 1 – Using Constellation Work in Supervision - facilitated by Richard Spence – £150

‘Constellations’ are a way of working with individuals and groups as part of a larger system to reveal: underlying dynamics and fresh perspectives. The approach uses people and objects to represent the key elements in a three-dimensional living map.

This day is for supervisors, therapists and coaches who want to integrate a systems perspective and methodology into their practice. The session is built around experiential learning and exercises; there will be space for questions, reflection and an opportunity to take a fresh look at a current issue.

In this introductory day, Richard will show how you can start to access your own and your clients' innate understanding of systems. You will learn the underpinning principles that inform this approach, the inner stance and some practical applications of constellations in 1:1 and group work.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Notice some of the natural organising principles of human systems
  • Support people to stand in the truth of their situation and discover their own resources
  • Encourage insight and clarity through 1:1 systemic mapping
  • Use what you have learned for clarity in preparation and self-supervision

'An enlightening, thought provoking and powerful experience… the session had a huge impact on me and my outlook on people dynamics.'

Richard Spence works with individuals, teams and organisations and trained in supervision with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot. Richard is passionate about constellations' capacity to improve our professional resourcefulness and overall wellbeing. He studied family constellations with Core Constellations and the Centre for Systemic Constellations, organisational constellations with Coaching Constellations and the Hellinger Instituut in Holland where he completed the Master training in Systemic Work.

Day 2 –Developing constellation work in supervision
– facilitated by Richard Spence – £150

This day is for supervisors, therapists and coaches who have completed the introductory day above Working Systemically in Supervision’ and wish to enhance their understanding of underlying relationship dynamics and capacity to use constellations in client work.

On this second day, Richard will take you more deeply into the principles of constellations so you can spot systemic loyalties, introduce the sentences that create systemic interventions and find resourceful places for you and your clients. The day builds on day one with experiential learning and exercises that offer practical applications of systemic work; there will be space for questions, reflection, and opportunities to discover fresh insights on your current work and your own potential.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Recognise the organising principles of systems in action
  • Offer systemic sentences which name 'what is' and invite alignment
  • Resource yourself, supervisees, and clients to be more present and confident
  • Celebrate difficulties and apply what you have learned reflectively and professionally

'A very satisfying and stimulating event, informative and interesting, a brilliant day.'