CSTD Tutors have run supervision courses in a variety of countries New Zealand, the Isle of Man, Jersey, South Africa and Ireland. The trainers are regularly delivering bespoke courses to many different organisation both in the UK and abroad. These include social services departments, hospitals, drug and alcohol treatment centres, clinical psychology departments, clergy, Relate, schools, counselling and psychotherapy organisations.

If you are interested please contact the administrator or the course tutors for further details.

Angela from a Midlands NHS Trust talks about her experience of bespoke training

Supervision Training and the Transfer of Learning

A partnership approach between agencies in the statutory and voluntary sectors and the Centre for Staff Team Development.  The provision of training in supervision and team development for agencies can be arranged as follows:

  • A customised training in the different aspects of supervision i.e. individual, group, team and organisational for the members of a host agency.
  • A customised service as above which is also open to people from other agencies.
    Courses designed to meet the needs of several agencies that make a joint approach to the Centre.

Customised Design of Courses

Each agency can plan the pattern of the workshop days to meet their particular needs. For instance they could be in four three-day workshops as are the open workshops or could be organised differently such as one day a fortnight, six weekends per year or in any other pattern. All customisation of the training will be carried out in partnership and dialogue with the host agency.

Graduated Transfer of the Training

From the start of the process the Centre plans with the host agency the graduated transfer of the skills, processes and material of the training so that they can eventually manage the supervision provision themselves and also the training of new staff. This happens in three stages:

  • Those nominated by the host agency complete the programme as members.
  • Those nominated assist Centre staff during a subsequent training programme.
  • The same staff now runs a subsequent training programme as a co-leader.

The agency would now be able to manage its training and development independently and train its trainers but could continue to collaborate with the Centre in any of the following ways:

  • Use the Centre's training manual as a basis for the training.
  • Use the Centre for the supervision the trainers.
  • Use the Centre for supervision of senior management.