CSTD London Diploma in Supervision 2022-2023

The Diploma is for anyone who has completed a Certificate in Supervision with either CSTD London or any other Certificate in Supervision, and thereafter wishes to convert it into a Diploma by focussing on the theoretical and written aspects of becoming a supervisor.


1. Three half days online 10am – 1pm

17th September 2022
14th January 2023
1st April 2023

2. Three Tutorials

3. Three Assignments - to be decided on the first half day.

***Keep a journal during the 6 months for your own learning.

Cost: Three half days - Self select fee/gift economy.
Cost: Tutorials to be paid to the tutor.
Assignments marking fee £200 to be paid to CSTD London.

How to apply. Write 500 words in response to the following questions and send them to joan.wilmot@cstd.co.uk 

1. Your reasons for doing the Diploma and why now?
2. What would being an ‘A’ student on this Diploma look like (see Ben Zander Work – entitled: How to give an ‘A’ – available on You Tube)
3. What is your biggest hope and worst fear?
4. Anything else you would wish to share about yourself.