Why are we offering it? The first response is because we were asked. Also commitment to lifelong learning and well-being at work seems to go with the territory of reflective practice supervision. This is a qualification for those who already have a Certificate in Supervision.

Having reflected on the feedback and experience of delivering our Diploma in Supervision, we are now ready to offer our third intake. We start with a contracting evening where people can decide if the diploma is for them, and to begin the process of co-creating it.

Dates and foci

As a start to this process we would like you without any obligation on either side to write no more than 500 words to include the following:

Why you want to do the diploma or another way of putting it is 'to what is taking the diploma a response?'

What is your biggest hope and worst fear?

Send to tutors Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot by email robin.shohet@cstd.co.uk and joan.wilmot@cstd.co.uk

Contracting 6-9pm Tuesday 15th September 2020. An evening for participants to learn more about the format of the diploma, share their 500 words, and meet their prospective colleagues before finally committing.

Day 1  10-5  Saturday 16th January 2021. A review of the seven eyed model and the supervisory relationship and the use of video. Creating Home Groups to meet in between sessions and a buddy system. Choosing books to review.

Day 2 - 10-5  Saturday 24th April 2021. Bring a video of your work to share with write up.  Honing the choice of project. Sharing book reviews

Day 3 - 10-5  Saturday 10th July 2021. Looking at the projects together.

Day 4 - 10-5  Saturday 18th September 2021. Completion

Cost: £695 plus two tutorials at £70 each. Tutorials can be had at any stage.

Venue: CCPE Beauchamp Lodge, London W2 6NE

For further information please contact Joan Wilmot by email joan.wilmot@cstd.co.uk or phone 07974 115028 or Robin Shohet robin.shohet@cstd.co.uk