International Supervision week - 2022 - date to be confirmed

The primary purpose of International Supervision Week is to spread the idea that supervision could be beneficial in many different ways to a wide range of people. As such the aim is to go to places where supervision might not usually be happening. During the week, people can arrange supervision events in whatever way they want. Possible ideas are:

  • An event with speakers, inviting local media and potential ‘sponsors’ of supervision.
  • Creating opportunities for members of the public and people in local businesses to sign up for a free taster session.
  • An academic event about supervision at a local University.
  • An international debate about supervision, involving people in different countries, connecting through Skype.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information; ideas for setting up your own local event, help with networking or linking up and/or attending each others' events, or have ideas and suggestions to offer.