The Friday afternoon supervision group is an open drop in group open to CSTD postgraduates, trainees and invited guests, now in its 5th year.  It meets approximately once a month (except in August) on a Friday afternoon usually 4 - 6pm.

Next date: 18 October 2019 from 4 - 6pm with Robin Shohet. The Theme will be: Projective Identification and Brexit.  Brexit arouses strong feelings and an exploration of Projective Identification can help to understand the process and our reactions and responses to it.

Please always check for date, time and facilitator as sometimes these may need to change.

Cost is £5 per session to cover the cost of the room hire and is held at CCPE Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent, London W2 6NE UK

Please can you contact Joan - if you are coming as it is helpful to get an idea of how many are coming to know what size of room to book, and it is fine to turn up on the day if you have been before.

Future dates

The next series of Friday afternoon drop in supervision groups will be after each of our courses and will be held by either Robin or Joan :-


18 October

29 November


7 February

24 April

10 July

18 September

The other months are open to being held by anyone who puts themselves forward and to offer in the group or contact Joan.

Details from past meetings

18 September 2019 - Theme: Appreciative Inquiry. We introduce Appreciative Inquiry on the Core course and this was a chance to explore more this way of looking and working and is very much part of our values and approach.

The focus was on AI interviews, sometimes called appreciative conversations, which are at the heart of AI. They can be used in many parts of the AI process. Essentially, they are a structured conversation, called protocols.

13 July 2019 - Theme: Self Deception. The theme comes from the book Leadership and Self Deception: Getting out of the Box by the Arbinger Institute and ties in with core beliefs and everything is data.

7 June 2019 - Facilitated by Joan. Theme: Supervising on Telephone, Skype, Zoom, videochat etc.  I have been in several one to one conversations recently with supervisors, supervisees and trainers about how it is for supervisors and supervises to work this way and how did I find it? So I thought it would be interesting to explore this in our next group.10 May 2019 - facilitated by Joan - We had a very interesting small group of three last Friday where out of our sharing themes emerged around morals, ethics, emotional maturity, paradox and the power of value of imagination and possibility and other themes that have left my conscious brain. Part of me wishes we had written it up and as I wrote that the question followed, "why would you dam the river?"

12 April 2019 -  Joan facilitated and the theme was an appreciative inquiry interview 'on being a supervisor’.  The appreciative Inquiry discovery questions were used.

8 March 2019 - Robin facilitated and the theme was Supervision as a finite and infinite game based on the book by J Carse Finite and Infinite Games

8 February 2019 first planning meeting for the launch of the ISN