The Centre for Supervision and Team Development has been a leading training organisation for supervision since 1979.

The core of the training is based on the Seven Eyed Model which is more fully described in 'In Love with Supervision' (Shohet R. And Shohet J. 2020) and in 'Supervision in the Helping Professions' - Hawkins, McMahon and Shohet 5th edition) which has sold more than 100,000 copies and been translated into eight languages.

  • The courses are experiential which helps to build up a sense of safety and community.
  • The rich mixture of participants with different backgrounds, orientations and experience builds an environment that challenges limiting beliefs and creates a supportive and creative learning experience.
  • Our teaching draws on learning from psychology, psychotherapy, group dynamics, inter-subjectivity, appreciative inquiry and systems thinking.
  • The Seven Eyed Model described in 'In Love with Supervision' is a way of looking and has been found to be equally effective for clinical supervision (both individual and group), managerial supervision, spiritual mentoring and organisational supervision.

What is supervision?

"SUPER-VISION – it's when you can see through things and you can see what is really there."    Albert (aged 6)

After completing the training, participants can attend regular supervision sessions and training days.

As well as training for individuals, we offer bespoke courses for any organisation, team, charity or small business that wants to promote a culture of reflective practice.