CSTD London - 7th Annual Conference/Symposium 2022 - date to follow


CSTD London - 6th Annual Conference/Symposium - Saturday 27 November 2021 ***ONLINE***

Deep Dive into 7 eyed model: Supervision as spiritual practice using presence and relationship

CSTD London - 5th Annual Conference - Friday 5 July 2019

The Launch and first Gathering of the Independent Supervisors Network (ISN)

2nd Gathering of Interdependent Supervisors Network 30 November 2019

CSTD London - 4th Annual Conference - Friday 6 July 2018

What is this business of supervision?  What does it mean to us and our profession?  We looked at where we join together with our questions about supervision.

CSTD London - 3th Annual Conference - Thursday 6 July 2017

Exploring the Dynamics of Complaints - From Complaint to Commitment.

CSTD London - 2nd Annual Conference - Monday 11 July 2016

You are your Accreditation - Stepping into your own Authority and Setting up the Independent Supervisors' Network.

CSTD London - 1st Annual Conference - Monday 13 July 2015

Our intention was to have this as a yearly event where we can gather as supervisors, supervisees and fellow explorers on the journey of personal, professional and spiritual development; create a space of unlearning explore ‘mistakes’ and play in the field of paradox.