Mini Conference and Second ISN Gathering 30 November 2019

10am – 4.30 pm

at CCPE Beauchamp Lodge, Warwick Avenue, London W2 6NE

Morning: Conference theme: Projective Identification and Brexit.

We have noticed that many of our clients and supervisees bring up the topic of Brexit. It seems to arouse strong feelings. Looking through the lens of Projective Identification can help us to understand and hold with compassionate kindness our reactions/responses to it.

Afternoon: One of the foundation structures of the ISN is for members to visit and be visited by members of other groups. This is an opportunity for those groups and dyads who have already formed to visit and be visited, and also a chance for people who wish to start a new group to meet potential members.

Steve Mepsted, (our webmaster) will also show the function of the blog area and encourage the submission of articles and other information which will help publicise the site and provide dynamic, impactful site content.

We will also look at next steps in the network including a body to hold it and manage the communication network, administration and gatherings.

A CPD certificate will be awarded for attendance hours.

Cost: £40

Alison, (CSTDLondon administrator) is taking bookings for the moment until the network has set up its own administration.

The ISN website is up and running