An organisation for graduates of our supervision certificate.

The Centre for Supervision and Team Development is delighted to announce that it is launching a new organisation – The Institute for Reflective Practice. Membership of the Institute will be automatic for those who presently hold our certificate and all those who hold obtain it in the future will be invited to join. No fee will be charged.

An important aspect of the Centre's philosophy is continual personal and professional development, so we will be offering the following.

1. Opportunities to network with other supervisors
2. Provide a register of members so that practitioners can set up peer supervision.
3. Opportunities to be listed as a supervisor on our website
4. Ongoing professional development (see below)

Ongoing Professional Development activities and courses provided by the Institute will develop over time and may be provided by members as well as by CSTD staff. As a certificate holder you are able to repeat any module for CPD hours at a reduced fee if there are places available.

We plan to have twice yearly groups where participants can bring important issues and deepen their work and learning. These will be limited to 8 people. Each group will draw its agenda from the needs of the participants but will have in common the following four themes.

a) The creation of an ongoing professional learning community.
b) Giving and receiving supervision
c) The opportunity to reflect on your current practice and develop it. For senior practitioners it is no less important to be in regular supervision than at the beginning of one’s career, but it is sometimes hard to find others who will stretch us in a beneficial way. We see these groups as an opportunity to provide this kind of challenge.
d) Career supervision. Where are we in our personal and professional life cycle? Is work offering us what we want and need? Are there opportunities to go into new areas, take risks maybe and if so what support and challenge might we need?

Please contact Joan on or phone 020 772 70702 as the contact person for these events.