Launch of ISN at Annual Conference 5 July 2019

Meeting 8 February 2019 - Nine of us met at CCPE to take the ISN to the next step.  We introduced ourselves and said what our interest in ISN was. We then had a minute to describe our groups.  This was followed by some groups arranging visiting and being visited by  other groups to see how this process worked. This is the process used in IPN for groups for the profession learning from each other and to be able to give and receive supportive and confronting live feedback.  We also looked at whether it was possible for two people to be a unit, not technically a group, but we saw no reason not to. 

We realised at some stage we might need an administrator and administrator of the website and that this will be part of the agenda for the launch on July 5th.
We looked at following IPN (Independent Practioners) Networks model of having gatherings a few times a year for all ISN members. We also looked at a fee for yearly membership which would be dependent on what needed financing so again would be on the agenda for July 5th and were interested in following the IPN model of a voluntary recommended subscription.  One of the group is a member of IPN so was able to provide useful learning and information from IPN.  Each group would be responsible for its own boundaries, rules ethics and so forth.  We finished with a ‘swarm’ constellation, where  8 of us placed ourselves  in the room and we noticed from that how prominent fear was in the system.