Free Online Event 4 April 8.30-9.30pm

Exploring the Dynamics behind Complaints - part 2 with Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet

Robin and Joan have been each supervising for forty years. Over this time, they have noticed the fear of a complaint has increased and as a follow up from their previous online event, wish to take this further.

This event will be an interview conducted using a Skype video link that will be streamed to a live video page. You will be able to see and hear the conversation, as it is happening, and use the chat room to offer your own comments and questions.

Recordings are usually posted to the library the day after the live event.

Group Supervision in the Helping Professions with Robin Shohet - 18 March 2017
Cost: £135 (plus VAT)
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Robin Shohet is co-author of 'Supervision in the Helping Professions'.  Past delegates have commented:

 "The workshop has greatly enriched my knowledge, understanding and skills as a supervisor"
"An excellent combination of theoretical model and experiential learning - rich and energising"
"I came to hear and observe a gifted clinician - this aim was achieved"
"Expanded my vision for supervision.  Sent me away excited, energised, and enthusiastically planning ways to use it"
The Supervisory Relationship: Difficulties and Delights - Robin Shohet 18th March 2017
Cost: £135 (plus VAT)
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In a world dominated by an audit culture the supervisory relationship is of vital importance. Through good role modelling, it upholds the value of relationship as a vehicle for transformation. How does the supervisor avoid becoming part of a culture that is increasingly moving towards avoidance of risk and defensive practice? In this workshop we will use Appreciative Inquiry as our starting point and courage as our theme - the courage to take risks, be honest and vulnerable and own what might seem like mistakes, but in fact are potentially vehicles for growth.
Each of these workshops will contribute 6 hours towards Continuing Professional Development requirements (12 hours in total for both workshops).  They can be attended separately.
We have an exciting programme of workshops coming this year designed for Coaches, Counsellors, CBT practitioners, Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers.
These courses are presented in partnership between Grayrock and Stanton Psychological Services.

We do hope you can join us in March 2017 with this highly sought-after speaker.
If there is anything more that you need to know, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us on 07801 794 485.

Details of the full programme are on

We are interested in the Origin of Complaints 
1 February 7-8pm - Online Event with Robin and Joan

Is it possible to get out of the blame/fear cycle that seems to surround complaints and listen to what the relationship has co-created that needs attention?
We (Joan & Robin) have been in the field of mental health for over 40 years. Our particular focus is supervision (process supervision). We have developed, taught and written about supervision and our own model Hawkins and Shohet seven eyed model and see supervision as a dedicated space in which to reflect on our relationship with our work and ourself whatever that work might be.


Using Improvisation Drama Therapeutically – a day with Robin Shohet

Workshop details: 10 November 2016
7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL Tel: 0131 225 4825
Timings: 10.00 to 16.30; arrive from 9.30 for coffee, registration and networking
Cost: £150 
Payment details provided on registration  Workshop size: limited to 12 participants
How to book: email Gwynneth Rees-Kenny, Regional Coordinator, AOCS in Scotland, or Mary Parker for further information and to receive a booking form
Robin Shohet is co-author with Peter Hawkins of "Supervision in the Helping Professions" fourth edition published by the Open University Press in 2012, and editor of “Passionate Supervision” and “Supervision as Transformation.”

We are delighted to welcome back Robin Shohet to facilitate this forthcoming workshop, run in partnership with the Association of Coaching Supervisors Scotland group, which will be our fourth such CPD workshop and networking event for supervisors in coaching and other related professions. In Robin’s own words: “There is something, for me, quite magical about improvisation drama. There is no telling how it is going to turn out. We have to be totally in the moment - otherwise it falls flat. What also excites me is combining with others to get the best out of each other. It taps into parts of ourselves that are underused both in our work and our lives - having fun and being creative. And we come face to face with how willing we are to take risks. There is no safety until you realise that the need for safety is what is getting in the way. How can the skills of improvisation translate into coaching and supervision is a question some might ask. How can it not, is my answer.”

No acting skills necessary! Come with beginner's mind.  Modelled on our successful previous workshop events.

Coaching at Work Awards - 6 July 2016
Robin Shohet has been chosen as the award winner in the category:

Contributions to the Field of Coaching Supervision.
The criteria were:
- Helping to promote and foster debate around coach supervision
- Challenging thinking in this field
- Contributing to its development
- Helping to raise standards


A Spirit of Enquiry:
Supervision, the Universe & Everything!
Saturday 3rd October 2015
09:30 to 17:00
Royal York Hotel, York
Key Note Speaker:
Maria Gilbert - Visiting Professor at Middlesex University;
Faculty Head & Subject Specialist at Metanoia Institute

A choice of specially commissioned masterclasses in the morning, followed by a stimulating choice of workshops in the afternoon.  The day will comprise a keynote address, What is ‘super’ about Supervision? to stimulate collaborative inquiry, which will be complemented by a number of  workshops, including:

Joan Wilmot Supervision Without Borders: Learning from the first International Supervision Week
I set up International Supervision Week to create a network and community that is both local and global.   Supervision as a word does not fully convey the  depth of what happens in and through the supervisory relationship.  Other words do not quite work either so let’s see if we can take it into the market place and be and show what it is.  
International Supervision week echoes the title of the conference "A spirit of Enquiry: Supervision, the Universe and Everything!  York coaching week gave me the inspiration so the perfect place to share the experience!


Past Events


20th August until 20th September 2015 - details of conferences shortly. Also in New Zealand and Singapore.


In 1991 Joan and Robin wrote a chapter for an edited book on Key Issues in Supervision, and we said that we believed that the quality of the supervisory relationship was key to handling any issues that emerged.  What factors contribute to the growth of the relationship and what can hinder that opportunity?  We later looked at how fear can play a huge part in shutting either or both parties down and have worked in different ways to make that fear more conscious and move beyond it.

Supervision Conference UK, formerly BASPR, on 18th October 2014

Ethics in Supervision: What’s Love got to do with it?

Robin Shohet – keynote speaker

at Murray Edwards College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge - 9:15 to 17:00 hrs

Robin Shohet is co-author with Peter Hawkins of Supervision in the Helping Professions (OU Press 4th edition 2012) and editor of several other books on supervision, namely Passionate Supervision, Supervision as Transformation and Supervision in the Medical Profession. He has been supervising for over thirty five years and is co-founder of Centre for Supervision and Team Development ( He is a student of A Course in Miracles and he is intending his next book to be Supervision as Spiritual Practice.

Ethics in Supervision: What's love got to do with it?
Professor Tim Bond is reviewing the BACP ethical framework (for counsellors, supervisors, coaches and psychotherapists), Michael Carroll and Elisabeth Shaw explore "Ethical Maturity" in their latest publication and Robin Shohet has been running online discussions on ethics and love. The Jesuit priest, writer and psychotherapist Anthony de Mello is quoted as saying: ‘Obedience keeps the rules. Love knows when to break them’. So this is a pertinent topic in today's climate in the helping professions within a rule-bound, safety conscious society and as supervisors endeavour to hold a truly reflective space!

Who is the Conference for?
This conference will be an opportunity for any practitioners engaged with supervision to share ideas, participate in discussion and inform supervision practice. It is for supervisors and anyone involved with supervision in the helping professions such as: counselling, psychotherapy, other health, complementary health, and mental health professionals, coaching and social care professionals.

Format of the Day
The day will comprise a keynote address to stimulate collaborative inquiry, which will be complemented by “Master-class” workshops. In the afternoon there will be a choice of five workshops. The day will close with a panel discussion and plenary session.
For further information: