Independent Supervisors' Network

The network is currently being developed by a group of Independent supervisors to provide a network for practising supervisors.  

Next meeting 26 April at CCPE 4 – 6pm and launch 5 July 2019 10am - 5 pm

In the early 90’s Robin was instrumental in organising two conferences to look at the dynamics of accreditation, out of which the IPN (Independent Practitioners Network) grew with a membership of over 200 people.  The idea behind it was to form peer groups where members were accountable for each other's practice rather than delegating the task to a body like BACP which would not know the practitioner’s work and the dynamics of a particular case.  So a complaint against one person would be a complaint against the whole group.  To increase learning and to lessen the opportunity for collusion, each group would from time to time send a delegate to another group to challenge and support.  Similarly that group would be visited by a delegate from another group.

With this in mind, and following on from previous conferences, participants have been forming peer groups and preparing for the official launch of ISN on Friday, 5 July 2019.  A website is being built which should be launched shortly so the groups and individuals can network.

Planning Meeting 8 February 2019 - Nine of us met at CCPE to take the ISN to the next step.  We introduced ourselves and said what our interest in ISN was. We then had a minute to describe our groups.  This was followed by some groups arranging visiting and being visited by  other groups to see how this process worked. This is the process used in IPN for groups for the profession learning from each other and to be able to give and receive supportive and confronting live feedback.  We also looked at whether it was possible for two people to be a unit, not technically a group, but we saw no reason not to.
We realised at some stage we might need an administrator and administrator of the website and that this will be part of the agenda for the launch on July 5th.
We looked at following IPN (Independent Practioners) Networks model of having gatherings a few times a year for all ISN members. We also looked at a fee for yearly membership which would be dependent on what needed financing so again would be on the agenda for 5 July and were interested in following the IPN model of a voluntary recommended subscription.  One of the group is a member of IPN so was able to provide useful learning and information from IPN.  Each group would be responsible for its own boundaries, rules ethics and so forth.  We finished with a ‘swarm’ constellation, where  8 of us placed ourselves  in the room and we noticed from that how prominent fear was in the system.  
In response to the website Joan is building (see below) we agreed that we would all write a paragraph about our group where we said who we were, how long we had been meeting, how many we were and whether we were open to new members.

Our (Joan and Robin) peer supervision group met on Sunday and suggested that the observer(s) might come in with some questions that could help them focus their observations. Joan and I like this idea and I wonder if you could send me some of your own.  I am happy to be contact person for the moment.  To start us off here are some of ours.

1. How did you feel when you first came into the group? Did it change and if so how?  What might it have told you about the group?

2. What does the group do well?

3. What have you learnt from doing this?

Re the website

I, Joan, am building a website for ISN with Steve Mepsted.(Independent supervisors He is a friend, neighbour, photographer, website builder  I have initiated this and am happy to manage this up to July 5th, the launch of ISN.  Steve has set it up so groups can post on the site.  As I said we are building it now so it is not live.  Here is what he wrote to me about next steps

In terms of the site going forwards as I see it.

     The site is still in the building stage. It needs a lot more input from members and from your self to add real text and agreed images in the various pages.
     It needs to be tested to see that everything works
     It will be useful to know the actual names of the groups and who is in what group etc...
     Sharing and publicising still needs to be linked up if you want it (to twitter, facebook etc...)

 For the members pages: I think at the moment the advice to give members is to send you and/or me

     A portrait of themselves
     A brief Bio of approx 100 words
     Any links they wish to share

However you could ask the members what they think would be good information to include on the site. Best wishes Steve

Stay in touch.  Warm regards. Robin and Joan