Independent Supervisors' Network
The tutors at CSTD London would like to thank everyone who attended the conference in July.   It was a stimulating and thought provoking event, and very nourishing to see the breadth of experience and the different ways that supervision is being used.

As a continuation of the afternoon, we are keen to create a community for supervision practitioners, whatever form that takes - i.e. ISN (Independent Supervisors' Network) or some other network. With this in mind, and following on from the conference, Joseph Wilmot has offered to be the contact person. Anyone who is starting a peer group or peer relationship and would like to be part of the emerging network can get in touch with Joseph.  CSTD sees itself having a role and supporting the network, but is not attached to how this role unfolds and any contributions and ideas are welcome.  We want to see the practice of supervision being held in a wider context of community and practice.  So, for example, we are planning to have a space on our website which lists supervision groups, contact details, their focus and whether they are currently looking for members.