Diploma in Supervision

CSTDLondon and Findhorn
We are pleased to be offering a Diploma in Supervision, for those who have completed our Certificate in Supervision. The course members and tutors will create a self-directed learning course along with a self and peer and stakeholder inquiry process.  The Diploma will engage with the needs of the individual student, the clients, the profession, and where applicable, organisations and other stakeholders in the field of supervision.
Prior to the Diploma applicants will write a letter outlining what they want from doing the diploma and will bring to the first day.

Day 1 - 29 October 2016 - 10am - 5pm at CCPE. The day will begin with students sharing their letters with each other.   One of the intentions is to involve stakeholders in the assignments and also where appropriate, aim for publication.

Day 2 - 4 February 2017

Day 3 - 15 July 2017

It is proposed that students meet between times in a peer structure of either buddies or small groups or both.  

The plan is for the Diploma to take place over nine months.   There will be a new intake each year to eighteen months, depending on numbers.

Cost: £375 self funding £475 funded

To book contact Alison and for further information please contact Joan Wilmot or phone 07974 115028