Certificate in Supervision

This is a modular programme which can be taken over a flexible period of time, from a minimum of a year upwards. The process of assessment we have embraced is self, peer, supervisor, supervisee, tutor, and other.  We have found that this keeps the process in relationship and maximises the learning. The reputation of the courses and their history has enabled graduates to use their attendance as a recognised supervision training and they report that our training has qualified them for the work they have wanted to do in the field of supervision.  We aim to provide the requirements for professional accreditation as supervisors including those of BACP, UKCP and BPS.

The Certificate consists of four modules, supervision and tutorials as follows:

  • Four modules: Core, Therapeutic - The Seven-Eyed Model, Group and Advanced (you will receive a complimentary copy of 'Supervision in the Helping Professions' on the Core module)
  • A course tutorial to plan the participant’s learning and development, to take place after completion of the Core
  • Ten hours of Supervision on supervision with a senior practitioner of the participant’s choice covering 50 hours of supervision practice, the 50 hours commencing from the time of the Core, plus an additional supervision session to review self, peer and self assessment process. The 50 hours do not have to be completed before attending the Advanced Course.
  • Self and peer assessment process takes place after completion of the above and commences with a tutorial with a CSTD tutor in which the participant reflects on their learning and explores and plans the self and peer assessment process that they will undertake with their supervisor of supervision, two supervisees and a colleague. For this process they will use the Supervisor and Supervisee Inquiry Form.
  • A final tutorial completes the process.

We intend the certificate process to be one of self empowerment in which the participant endorses themselves as a supervisor with the support and challenge of their supervisees, peers, supervisor and tutors.

These questionnaires are for the use of the trainee for their self assessment and they are filled in and discussed at the end of the Advanced.

For a copy of our self assessment form 1 click here

For a copy of our self assessment form 2 click here

For a copy of our self, peer, supervisor and supervisee inquiry form click here

This inquiry document is for the supervisor of the trainee supervisor and for their two supervisees.  The context for the inquiry form is the self, supervisor and peer assessment certificate process.  We are still keeping the 360 degree questionnaire for the self assessment (which we now do in the Advanced) and peer part of the certificate process but Robin and I wanted to create a more interactive inquiry document for the review/conversations between trainee supervisor and their supervisor and between the trainee and their two supervises so that is what we designed it for.  However we are delighted that we are already getting feedback that people see it as something they can use in their work.  So that is the context and feel free to use it how you want.

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