Valerie Hargrave


Location of practice: I work from home and am based in Purley in the borough of Croydon. I am also happy to offer Skype sessions.
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Tel: 07429 348112


Experience/Qualifications including CSTD:
I qualified in 2012 as an integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist with a Post-graduate diploma in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy from Roehampton University.  I became an Accredited Counsellor with BACP in 2018. I completed the Core Supervision Course with CSTD in November 2018.

Why you are offering this service: I prize supervision highly and regard it as an integral part of my client work and my self -care. I hope to offer the kind of supervision I am currently receiving, it is supportive nurturing, and challenging.  I am offering supervision at low cost while I complete my supervision training. 

What supervision you have in place for your supervision: My current supervisor is CSTD trained, and we have discussed extending the hours we work together to include supervision of supervisees.

Anything else you'd like to be known about your work: I am a warm and open person.  With my clients I offer a safe place to look at pain and sadness, what brings meaning into their lives.  The core of my training is Person-Centred and I use the core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence to establish a relationship based on trust that can be used to find out why they feel how they do and experiment to find out who they can be.  I hope to offer supervisees an environment where they can feel safe to discuss what is happening in the room with their clients, where they can perhaps deepen their work and look at what they bring to the client/counsellor relationship. 

I am charging £30 per session while I complete my training.