Ian Reid

Location of practice: I am Swiss-based in central Basel, with occasional days in other locations e.g. London.  Flexible on pre-booked times, and happy to work virtually via Skype, Facetime, or by phone
Tel: 0041 79 440 1749
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Experience/Qualifications including CSTD courses:
Experience/Qualifications including CSTD courses
MSc Relational Executive Coaching (Ashridge)
Cert. Relational Couples Counselling (CPH)
Cert. Hypnotherapist with CBT (LSH)
Accredited Masters Mentoring & Coaching Practitioner (EMCC EQA)
Accredited Mediator (CMC)
I am currently attending CSTD in Findhorn and London, whilst also following EMCC Supervisor Accreditation via a PGCE (ACOS) at Ashridge-Hult.

Why you are offering this service:
I currently run two supervision groups locally on a monthly basis, and would like to broaden my experience and practice by offering regular individual supervision.  I am especially interested in offering reduced-cost and cross-disciplinary supervision to individuals who are working in organisations, low-cost, or charitable practice - and who may be less able to afford full commercial supervision rates for their own regular, individual, 1:1 supervision.

What supervision you have in place for your supervision:
My own 'supervision on supervision' arrangements are quite comprehensive, to support the diversity of work that I do. I have Group Supervision and Individual Supervision, on both my supervision and wider practice, on alternate months - and peer co-Supervision on supervision, ad-hoc.

Anything else you would like to be known about your work:
I have worked with: commercial, non-commercial, and UN/NGO organisations; individuals and groups; based in the UK, Switzerland, and around half the world. My learning, practice, and experience covers many aspects of supporting through heart-, body- and head-felt relational engagement: Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Mediation, and Counselling.  I am integrative and eclectic, as is my experience and training, rather than modality or "sector of practice" focussed.

Ultimately, I simply aim to meet you where you are in your practice, working together with what you choose to bring, being curious about what we may find in our own relationship and your world - which could be useful for you and your clients.