Doron Levene

Location of practice: I am an experienced UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor trained initially at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy. I have held a private practice since 1998 with individuals, couples, supervisees, coaches and corporate clients based in London Waterloo as well as Muswell Hill in North London.
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Tel: 07932 844023


How I work:

I am inspired by a love of healing and learning and I am interested in what is effective as well as what
isn’t. Having been exposed to the cruel realities of war and political conflict in my twenties I became deeply aware of the immense suffering we are capable of inflicting on each other.

In supervision I seek to develop an empowering practice within a culture of mutuality, support and respectful challenge.  I listen to what people tell me and to what is absent from their story; to what people say in words and to what their bodies express. I hope to contribute to a culture that encourages normalizing talking openly about failure as an unavoidable part of being in this work.

Relational supervision, not dissimilar to the therapeutic relationship, is a co-created process based on two subjectivities of equal importance. We cannot avoid our capacity for profoundly and empathically sharing another's self-states in fact this is the ground for meaningful change in supervision.

Who I work with:
I am experienced in supervising trainee and qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches who work with adults as well as alternative practitioners and other facilitators of change.

Past and other experience:
My earlier work included working with homeless men and those afflicted by Alzheimers. I have run groups for people wishing to cease participating in intimate violence as well as managed a successful private business. Past posts include Chair of the Chiron Association for Body Psychotherapists Ethics and Equal Opportunities Committee. I am bilingual and fluent in both English and Hebrew.