Amy Skezas

Location of practice: California.  I work privately by telephone with counselling and supervision clients from around the world.
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Amy Skezas JD, DD.  I've enjoyed taking the CSTD courses Core, Therapeutic, Group, Teams & Organizations, Differences, and Advanced as well as Training the Trainers.

Since 2005 I've worked and played with my colleague Joseph Hiller in the USA to design and deliver a series of trainings in renewal and reflective practice based on the CSTD model, mixed with original awareness/consciousness exercises to increase the fluidity and luminosity of the awareness brought to supervision by the presenter, the facilitator, and the observer(s).  We are co-creating a peer-to-peer supervision network and a culture of supervision for helping professionals from a variety of walks of service (many of whom have not heard of/practiced supervision before).

My educational background includes degrees in international relations and law, ongoing practice and exploration in yoga, meditation, and martial arts, interfaith studies with a particular focus on Native American shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Christianity, and study and practice of a wide variety of bodywork methods.  I teach meditation and bodywork as well as supervision.

When I work with people I focus on helping them:-
* More clearly access their own inner, intuitive higher guidance
* Balance their emotions, thoughts, and physical body
* Access greater joy and flow through their learning
* Reflect on and appreciate the ways they are powerful and creative