Joan Wilmot (CSTD Tutor)

Location of practice: I practice in West London and Findhorn.  I also work both as a supervisor and therapist, mainly face to face and also by telephone, email and Skype.
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I have been a supervisor since 1972 and a psychotherapist since 1980.  I supervise individuals and groups and have run supervision trainings since 1979.  I am a therapist for Step in ASAP; Advancing Stepfamily Awareness in Practice for people in stepfamily situations and those who work with them. Therapy, counselling, supervision, groups and CPD

We spend much of our time in work and I believe along with Confucius "Find a job you love and you will never have to work again".  I think having supervision for our work, whatever it is, leads to finding the work we love or loving the work we do. I find supervision a wonderful forum in which to examine our core beliefs about ourselves and work and in doing so change our thinking not only about work but also about how we live.

I have written about supervision in the CSTD book, Supervision in the Helping Professions:  Hawkins, P. Shohet R with contributions by Ryde J. and Wilmot;  in Passionate Supervision ed Shohet R.  chapter 5 The Supervisory Relationship: in Supervision as Transformation A Life long calling; in Supervision as Transformation chp 4 and in Training and Supervision for Counselling in Action: ed Dryden W. Thorne B. The Key Issue in the Supervision of counsellors.