Pernille Finegan

Location of practice: I am based in Balham, London SW12. I see individuals, couples and supervisees in private practice. I also work as the Placement Co-ordinator at Balham Community Counselling Service, overseeing the recruitment of trainees and supervising counsellors from several modalities individually and in groups.
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Experience/Qualifications including CSTD courses:
I have experience in supervising trainee and qualified psychotherapists and counsellors, and other supervisors.  I work both individually and in groups.

I have my supervision certificate from Centre for Supervision and Team Development and have attended many of their CPD training days as well as being in a closed supervision group with Robin Shohet for a number of years.

Supervision has been defined as: 'a joint endeavour in which a practitioner with the help of a supervisor, attends to their clients, themselves as part of their client practitioner relationships and the wider systemic context, and by so doing improves the quality of their work, transforms their client relationships, continuously develops themselves, their practice and the wider profession' (Hawkins & Shohet: Supervision in the Helping Professions, p. 60)

I believe passionately in the benefits of supervision and it has always been an integral part of my own practice as a therapist and supervisor.   I receive professional supervision as well as being part of peer supervisory relationships and a peer ‘supervision of supervision’ group.

I have experience of offering individual and group supervision to both trainees and qualified therapists. I use the 7-Eyed Model of supervision as a basis for looking at the different dynamics that may be at play. On top of that I am happy to give particular attention to psychodynamic or humanistic / person centred modalities.  I also have some knowledge of systemic theory, CBT and EFT.  I increasingly use a focusing stance in supervision, tuning into the felt sense of what’s presenting.  In this way an issue can be looked at from many different angles, often creating more space and possibility of understanding to find a way forward.  I am finding that focusing perfectly complements the approach adopted by CSTD.
I see supervision as a collaborative and creative endeavour.  Just like the therapeutic relationship it is based on trust, reflection and exploration.

I offer some concessions to trainees and newly qualified therapists.  I offer group supervision by arrangement.

The mission statement of The International Focusing Institute begins with the question 'Why Focusing?' and gives this answer:

Everyone has the potential to access and live from their unique bodily-felt knowing. Focusing, a process grounded in experiential listening, is a powerful way of interacting with this body-felt knowing that leads to mutual respect, authenticity and compassion. In this way, Focusing fosters peace and harmony in the world.

Focusing shows how to pause the on-going situation and create a space for new possibilities for carrying forward. This practice, developed from the Philosophy of the Implicit, shows how to apply open attention to something which is directly experienced but is not in words.

Your body knows more about situations than you are explicitly aware of. For example, your body picks up more about another person than you consciously know (this is not the same as counter transference/projective identification). With some training, you can get a bodily feel for the 'more' that is happening in any situation. From that bodily feel come small steps that lead toward resolution.

Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (Humanistic Integrative / transpersonal)
Diploma in Couple Counselling from Relate Institute (Systemic, Psychodynamic and CBT)
Certificate in Psychosexual Relations and further training in couple work from the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (Psychodynamic)
Certificate in Supervision from Centre for Supervision and Team Development (7 Eyed Model)
I am currently training to be a Focusing Oriented Therapist at the London Focusing Institute (expected completion 2017)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Further training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples
Further training in multimodal CBT
Certificate in Transpersonal Dreamwork
Part 1 EMDR
Graduate of the Hoffman Process

Previous Experience
I had a previous career as a solicitor in the banking sector of the City of London