Special Interest Modules

These courses are put on from time to time by request

Supervision as Spiritual Practice

  • Work as spiritual practice
  • Fear and Love in Supervision
  • Hawkins and Shohet seven eyed model from a spiritual perspective
Supervision in Teams and Organisations

This course will focus on:

  • how to supervise effective teamwork
  • facilitating teams to develop relationships with their internal and external stakeholders
  • developing supervision policies and practices within an organisation
  • supervision of organisational development

Training the Trainers

This course is put on from time to time by request.

This course is for those who want to deliver Supervision Training and who have completed a recognised training in Supervision. The core of the programme will be the participants engaging in designing, planning and delivering training elements to each other and receiving feedback.

  • catering for different learning styles
  • designing and planning training programmes
  • contracting with the learning group
  • creating the learning environment and learning container
  • setting up and debriefing exercises
  • using the Group Dynamic including handling resistance
  • co-leading and getting supervision on one’s training

This course may be particularly relevant for students from abroad who can then deliver the training back in their own country.  For bookings please contact us