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10 November 2018
10am - 5pm
The Drama of Improvisation - Robin Shohet and Shane O'Brien
London  £125  

Please fill in our course booking form if you are interested in attending this day at CCPE Beauchamp Lodge, Warwick Crescent, London W2 6NE

The Drama of Improvisation - facilitated by Robin Shohet and Shane O'Brien - 10 November 2018
Let’s use improvisation drama as a tool for enquiry, supervision, freedom and play.  Join us for a co-creative experiential 1-day workshop.  Improvisation and drama provides a glorious insight into how we interact with the world. It involves trust and our ability to let go of our own agendas. To improvise, we need to be totally in the moment - or it falls flat. Learning to comfortably co-create together helps to get the best out of each other. It taps into parts of ourselves that are underused both in our work and our lives. When improvising, we are confronted with our willingness to risk. There is no safety until you realise that the need for safety is what is getting in the way. How can the skills of improvisation translate into therapy and supervision? How can it not!

Shane O'Brien is a therapist and supervisor and was an actor and singer for many years.  Recognising the need for unity in diversity, he has been involved in the fields of personal development and community development for over 25 years.    

Robin Shohet has been supervising since 1977. He has a practice in London and Findhorn, Scotland and specialises in group supervision.  He is co-author with Peter Hawkins of “Supervision in the Helping Professions” and editor of “Passionate Supervision” and “Supervision as Transformation”.