The Social Work Supervisor

By Allan Brown and Iain Bourne

Supervision in community, daycare and residential settings

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The Social Work Supervisor is the first comprehensive British text on supervision of staff in social work, community care and social welfare settings. It examines the changing social work scene of the 1990s, and breaks new ground in areas such as:

Anti-oppressive supervision
Supervision of post-traumatic stress
Group supervision

The Social Work Supervisor is a comprehensive text for the social work supervisor and for all the supervisors in social welfare and community care settings. It includes new material not found in other books on supervision. The authors emphasize the importance of the supervisory relationship, regular skilled supervision and clear value base in the provision of good quality services.

This book provides a clear theoretical framework, bringing theory and practice together though numerous practical examples of supervision in action. One major chapter examines a range of typical supervision situations and provides suggestions for possible supervisor responses

The Social Work Supervisor will be invaluable reading for new and experienced supervisors; practice-teachers supervising students; trainers of supervisors and social work mangers.

ALAN BROWN is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Bristol University. He has published widely on the subject of groupwork and his publications include a book on Consultation (1984). He has experience as a staff and student supervisor and as a consultant. He has taught on many courses for supervisors and consultants in social Services Departments, probation and voluntary settings.

IAIN BOURNE is a full-time trainer working for his own consultancy IMPACT, which specializes in helping practitioners respond to clients at the point of crisis. He is also the Course Director for the Diploma in Post-traumatic Stress Counselling which he developed for the Home Office. Previously he worked as the Principal Training Consultant for the Richmond Fellowship College, and has run many courses on supervision, as well as being an experienced supervisor and consultant himself.