Skills of Clinical Supervision for Nurses

By Meg Bond and Stevie Holland

A practical guide for supervisees, clinical supervisors and managers.

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This is the first practical book on clinical supervision of nurses. It offers ways of understanding the context of clinical supervision in nursing - especially why it has taken so long to be seen as important - and pinpoints organizational and personal pitfalls that can sabotage its effectiveness. The book provides practical guidance for supervisees, emphasizing self-empowerment and developing the reflective skills necessary to make full use of clinical supervision. It offers clinical supervisors an in-depth look at their one-to-one and group facilitation skills and shows how to develop them. It gives guidance to managers on how to sponsor and coordinate systems of clinical supervision.

While this book draws on theoretical literature on the subject of clinical supervision in nursing and allied professions, readers will also benefit from the authors; direct experience in participation, observation and training in consultancy in clinical supervision.

MEG BOND and STEVIE HOLLAND are educators of adults, developing and personal and interpersonal skills which underlie professional development. Meg specializes in clinical supervision and group facilitator training. Stevie runs courses on individual and organizational needs in change and practices as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Their partnership Go Education - the Group and Open Education Consultancy, has had contracts with many NHS Trusts throughout the country as well as within other public services, business and voluntary sectors. Both have backgrounds in nursing, health visiting and nurse educators in higher education.