Psychotherapy Supervision

By Maria C Gilbert and Kenneth Evans

An integrative relational approach to psychotherapy supervision.

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Maria Gilbert and Ken Evans have given us a beautifully written and richly illustrated account of psychotherapy supervision. Providing clear guidelines for effective clinical supervision, the book describes and vividly illustrates how the supervisor monitors, instructs, models, consults and supports the supervisee, all within the context of respect and empathy.

Marvin R Goldfreid, PhD State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York USA

Don't read this book if you have a well-worked out, pre-determined model of supervision that you don't want to change, it will only disturb, distract and challenge you. If you would like to review your model of supervision, on the other hand, update it in the light of modern scholarship and insights, open it to 'manufactured uncertainty' so as to adapt it to the contemporary issues of the day, then it's a 'must ' for you. It's a book of tomorrow in the light of the best of yesterday.

Michael Carroll, PhD Chartered Psychologist and BACP fellow

Gilbert and Evan's book is sure to become a key text in the area of psychotherapy supervision from an integrative perspective. Gilbert and Evans draw much needed attention to the often neglected aspect of the contexts within which supervision takes place. Their focus on the multi-cultural aspects of supervision and their advocacy of the anti-oppressive practices is of note, highly recommended to beginning supervisees and seasoned supervisors alike. This book will make a substantial contribution to the field for a long time to come.

Gillian Straker, Professor of Psychology, University of Sydney

MARIA GILBERT is a chartered clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor who has many years of experience in adult education, organizational consultancy and training and also maintains a private psychotherapy and supervision practice. She has been involved in the training and supervision of supervisors for many years.

KENNETH EVANS is an integrative psychotherapist registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Formerly a social worker is also an Anglican priest and works with individual adults and groups. He is director of the clinical training at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute and programme leader for the MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy and supervision courses. He is also programme leader for a doctorate in psychotherapy. He has been involved in the training and supervision of supervisors for many years.