Certificate Programme

Begin training with Core and Therapeutic modules in Findhorn, Scotland 26 January - 1 February 2019.  This is residential course book now

This is an opportunity to to two of the modules in one week on a residential course in the Findhorn Community.  http://www.cstdfindhorn.co.uk/

The Group and Advanced modules are currently held in London.  However if there is enough interest we will run these modules in Scotland.

See our Course Calendar for all future courses and dates. 

Contact our administrator if you are interested on: info@cstdlondon.co.uk

The CSTD Certificate

The Certificate programme is a modular programme which can be taken over a flexible period of time, from a minimum of a year upwards. We use self, peer and tutor assessment with feedback from participants, supervisees, supervisors and colleagues. The course consists of four modules, supervision and tutorials as follows read more

We intend the certificate process to be one of self empowerment in which the participant endorses themselves as a supervisor with the support and challenge of their supervisees, peers, supervisor and tutors.